108949 Manual motor starter Ex9SN25B10A

EAN: 8592765089496

Manual motor starters are electromechanical protection devices for the main circuit. They are used mainly to switch motors manually ON/OFF and protect them fuseless against short circuit and loss-phase. Fuseless protection with a manual motor starter saves costs, space and ensures a quick reaction under short-circuit condition, by switching off the motor within milliseconds. Manual motor starter combinations are setup together with contactors and overload relays.


Paremeter Value
Rated operating voltage
Rated operation power at AC-3, 400 V 4
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
Thermal protection YES
Phase failure sensitive YES
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity lcu at 400 V, AC 100
Height 81
Overload release current setting
Type of control element Push button
Device construction Complete device in housing
Number of poles 3
Rated operation power at AC-3, 230 V 2.2
Type of electrical connection of main circuit Frame clamp
Width 44.5
Adjustment range undelayed short-circuit release 138
Switch off technique Thermomagnetic
With integrated auxiliary switch NO
With integrated under voltage release NO
Rated permanent current Iu 10
Depth 91.3


Document Type Document Name Size Format
Manual Mounting instruction Ex9SN25B 6.3mb PDF
Declaration of Conformity 0b
Datasheet Datasheet Ex9SN25B 1.9mb PDF
Catalogue Catalogue Installation Devices 0.1gb PDF
Catalogue Catalogue Industrial Devices 0.1gb PDF